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Naked eye 3D wall hanging screen, round angle

TitleNaked eye 3D wall hanging screen, round angle

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Naked eye 3D wall hanging horizontal screen, round angle

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  Product introduction>> HAO  D   


Support naked eye 3D display, no need to wear 3D glasses naked eye experience 3D effect directly.
Support 4K (3840*2160) video and picture ultra high definition display
3D out screen effect is excellent
There is no repetition of the shadow in every angle
Support Android and X86 architecture
It can be viewed at any distance from the screen and at any angle without any dead ends.
Automatically switch 2D and 3D signals according to contents without manual switching.

  Product parameters>> HAO  D   

1)、Support 4K high definition picture and video display effect.
(2)、Perfect 4K ads and naked eye 3D playback.
(3)、The playlist can freely control the perfect play process of the ad machine, or the direct editing program can be stored in the U disk to play.The advertising machine is open, shut down, what content to play, when to play the content, how to play the sequence, the number of repeated ads, picture on the screen on the screen time, file information using a horse light way or the whole screen rolling play and so on, can have a free playlist set.
(4)、Powerful playlist function.The playlist can be set for 30 days at a time, which can be divided into 128 periods of time each day for personalized play setting, thus the advertiser can set different mode of time and frequency division rate to meet the customer’s different advertising demand, and meet the multiple profit model of the operator.
(5)、Free to achieve full screen, split screen playback mode, and can be converted at any time to support a variety of playback modes, through the playlist for full screen, split screen switching.
(6)、It can play a combination of 4K video, pictures and subtitles.
(7)、Diversified subtitles display. Support single, double row captions and whole screen scroll caption display. You can set the color of files and the speed of screen scroll.
(8)、A simple playlist editing tool. As long as you install this software on a computer, you can simply and easily edit and automatically generate a playlist that can be played perfectly by the control advertising machine, making you more relaxed about the use of the advertising machine.
(9)、The function of the parameter adjustment of the advertisement machine. Support to adjust the volume, screen brightness, contrast, grayscale and other parameters. The parameter memory function has the functions of volume, screen brightness, contrast, grayscale and other parameters.
(10)、Electronic clock, perpetual calendar function.
(11)、Support the background music function
(12)、4K picture + music combination play, while playing the picture at the same time, the voice is issued.
(13)、Supporting log files
(14)、The terminal automatically generates log files, which can be copied into the computer to see the time and frequency of playing the files every day.
(15)、Convenient and fully controlled operation
(16)、Using remote control, you can set up the menu of functions easily and conveniently.
(17)、Once the function of the hardware watchdog is enabled, a fault self check will be conducted per minute, and the machine will remain in normal working condition.
(18)、It supports USBHOST function and copies programs between cards and cards. (selection)
(19)、Intelligent upgrade function
(20)、Support software’s instant upgrade function.

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