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Classifications of Holographic Display

Classifications of Holographic Display

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Sep-10-2019 SML

Holographic display is a new kind of display technology rising in the world in recent years. This technology can make stereo image directly suspended outside the equipment without any screen or medium, and 360 degrees and any angle are all three-dimensional image display. This display breaks the conventional physical display of stereo image. Its clarity and color are also high, and its stereo sense is strong. Therefore, it is very realistic. It can give the audience a novel and mysterious visual impact, stimulate the audience’s inquiry desire, and play the role of gathering the popularity of the scene, deepening the impression of visitors and enhancing the popularity of the exhibits.

Three types of holographic displays:

There are 180 degree holographic display, 270 degree holographic display and 360 degree holographic display.

360 degree holographic display, we call it 360 degree holographic image here. 360 holographic image is also called three-dimensional holographic image, holographic three-dimensional imaging, holographic pyramid. It is a tetrahedral cone made of transparent materials. The viewer’s vision can penetrate it from any side. Through the principle of surface reflection, the viewer can see free floating images and graphics from the conical space. Four-sided video imaging reflects light signals onto a special prism in the cone, and assembles them together to form a stereo image with real dimension space.