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Naked eye 3D technology has the unique 3D visual effect and is widely applied

Naked eye 3D technology has the unique 3D visual effect and is widely applied

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Sep-19-2018 SML

Speaking of the popularity of 3D technology, we have to bring up the film “Afanda”, a popular global movie. Many people first felt the stereoscopic 3D image effect that seemed to have rushed out of the screen from this film. The visual effect was shocking, and the audience was praised and praised by the audience. From then on, the 3D film flourishing was opened. However, the traditional 3D technology, to watch 3D image, also need to wear 3D glasses or other auxiliary equipment, how much impact on the visual experience, and also limited the development and application of 3D technology in various industries.

However, with the passage of time, the more mature and perfect 3D technology, the emergence of naked eye 3D technology, breaking the traditional 3D video viewing needs to wear 3D glasses, no need to wear any auxiliary equipment can see the three-dimensional 3D effect, let users feel the more extreme visual effect of 3D, widening the application market of 3D technology. Let’s learn about the application of naked eye 3D technology in the market.

①Naked eye 3D advertising machine

Naked eye 3D technology is currently being applied more and more to advertising machines. The naked eye 3D advertisement machine uses the relatively mature column mirror grating technology at present. It can obtain a realistic stereoscopic image with space and depth without any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses, helmet and so on). Column mirror grating technology has high contrast, high resolution, high brightness, low crosstalk, no heavy shadow, no eye dizzy and other advantages, can make 3D image more dynamic and obvious, advertising images are like real, vivid and vivid, 2D and 3D video can be switched arbitrarily, for advertising more attractive to the audience. Naked eye 3D advertising machine can be widely used in airports, MTR, high-speed rail, hotels, elevator outlets, venues, enterprise stores, stores, counters and other fields.


②Naked eye 3D splice screen

The splice screen is a good tool to display advertising in large public places such as the airport, the subway, the train station, the car station and so on. The splicing screen of the large screen and the naked eye 3D technology are undoubtedly the icing on the cake and more visual impact. Users can freely realize full screen and split screen playing mode according to different use requirements, and can change each other to support a variety of playback modes at any time. It is easy to operate and meet all kinds of advertising demand. In addition, the naked eye 3D splicing screen has a wide viewing angle, wider coverage, increased advertising audiences, and better advertising effect.


③3D holographic display cabinet

3D holographic phantom imaging is a three-dimensional imaging system suspended in holographic glass imaging system. The holographic phantom imaging system consists of the cabinet, the 3D display device, the holographic glass and the video source. Based on the holographic refraction imaging principle, the three-dimensional 3D model is constructed by the software of the product (the background color must be black), and is introduced into the display device, and then refracted to the holographic glass, showing the suspended state of the product in the semi air. Exhibition。 It can also be placed in holographic glass cover, combined with video source can constitute a combination of static and dynamic product display. It does not require people to wear any polarizing glasses. Without restriction, they can enjoy the stereoscopic display effects and give people a visual sense of impact. (they are 180 degree single view, 270 degree three sides view, 360 degrees four sides view).

The products are mainly used for new product launches and stereoscopic display of products, such as mobile phones, jewellery, precious metals, antiques, Huxing and products of the company. The main applications are exhibition halls, stores, chain stores, museums, exhibitions, banks and jewelers. The product is not suitable for the scene display.

Naked eye 3D technology has a very wide application market. It is not only limited to the above application, but also is applied in commercial display equipment such as mobile phone, TV, tablet computer and game machine. It brings more wonderful leisure and entertainment life to people’s life.

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