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Principle and advantage of holographic phantom imaging

Principle and advantage of holographic phantom imaging

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Jul-08-2019 SML


Holographic phantom imaging technology has been widely used in our real life. Its application also brings people more magical and technological experience. It is a new product derived from holographic technology. It is widely used to display products. It has a strong sense of visual impact and mystery. It is very popular. So, what are the principles and benefits of holographic phantom imaging?

Here are the principles and benefits of holographic phantom imaging:

The imaging principle of holographic phantom system is to construct a three-dimensional model by special processing of real product photographs, and then superimpose the product image or product three-dimensional model image into the scene to form a dynamic and static product display system. Without the need for people to wear any polarizing glasses, viewers can enjoy watching 3D display effects without any restraint at all. It can also combine interactive technology so that the audience can interact with the system to a certain extent, increase the audience’s interest, 360 degree perfect display, the display effect is excellent.

Holographic phantom imaging system is used to display product details very well, such as watches, electronic products, crafts, jewelry, etc. It allows products to be displayed in the air without dead corners. It can be flexibly controlled and gives the audience the feeling that they are totally floating in the air. Phantom imaging cabinet is often seen in museums, city planning halls and enterprise exhibition halls. It has a unique visual experience and flexible display mode. It has excellent performance in the field.