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Principle of 3D Holographic Pyramid Box

Principle of 3D Holographic Pyramid Box

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Jul-07-2019 SML


With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic value of art, many shopping malls and other places have been applied to the 3D holographic pyramid box. The 3D holographic pyramid box can always display every product perfectly, because it can always attract many businesses to buy the 3D holographic pyramid box.
The glass of the 3D holographic pyramid box is made of imported holographic coated glass materials, which are divided into one-sided, three-sided and four-sided cones. The four sides are like a pyramid. The shape is exquisite and fashionable. The viewer’s sight can penetrate it from any side. Through the refraction of the surface glass, the viewer can see the product image floating in the air.

3D holographic phantom imaging is an imaging system that suspends three-dimensional images in holographic glass. The holographic phantom imaging system is composed of cabinet, 3D display equipment, holographic glass and video source. Based on the principle of holographic refraction imaging, a three-dimensional 3D model (background must be black) is constructed by software of the product, which is imported into the display equipment, and then refracted onto the holographic glass, showing the suspension state of the product in mid-air. It can also be placed in a holographic glass cover, and a combination of video sources can form a dynamic and static product display. No need for people to wear any polarizing glasses, in the complete absence of restraint, you can enjoy watching the product stereoscopic display effects, giving people a visual impact.


In summary, the principle of the 3D holographic pyramid box is introduced to you. The 3D holographic display cabinet has real visual effect. Therefore, no matter in any venue, the 3D holographic pyramid box always emits its high-end quality impression and attracts consumers to stop by.