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What are the advantages of LCD video wall

What are the advantages of LCD video wall

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Jul-22-2019 SML

Do you know what the advantages of LCD video wall are? Don’t panic if you don’t know, let me tell you today. Luminance is one of the main factors that affect the visual effect of LCD video wall, and it is also an important criterion to measure the quality of LCD video wall. Therefore, luminance is an important indicator for customers.


Usually the brightness of LCD video wall is mainly determined by LCD panel. To choose a high-brightness or low-brightness screen also depends on environment brightness such as indoor use or outdoor use. If it is used indoor within a not very bright small space, you can choose low light. Because the space itself is not big, if you install a highlighted 700 cd/m2, it will be too bright, and it will hurt people’s eyes, it will certainly not work. Therefore, 700cd/m2 screen is suitable to  install in large space with good light environment.


In summary, users should choose the appropriate brightness according to the practical application environment. LCD screen is not the brighter the better, it should be in a certain range of human eyes to withstand, not to make people feel uncomfortable.