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What are the features of the naked eye 3D technology?

What are the features of the naked eye 3D technology?

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Sep-19-2018 SML

For 3D technology, we believe that everyone will not be strange, a lot of people are through the 3D film to experience the visual impact of 3D technology, but today’s 3D films are required to wear 3D glasses to see the effect of 3D, while the naked eye 3D technology is not the same, no 3D glasses, naked eye can see the three-dimensional fantasy 3D display effect.Compared with the traditional spectacle 3D technology, the current naked eye 3D technology has the following characteristics and advantages:



①Without using any auxiliary equipment, you can watch the three-dimensional image effect and get rid of the bondage of glasses.

②The horizontal viewing angle has reached 120 degrees, with multi view ability.

③No requirement for ambient light, high brightness. Stereo display for all kinds of places.

④The special algorithm can effectively remove the moire, and the eyes can receive video images without obstacles.

⑤The visual depth is larger, up to 4-1.5 meters.

⑥A wide range of applications, suitable for all user display and user experience, especially in portable devices will be popular.
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The characteristics of the 3D product of the naked eye:

①The angle of view, no ghosting not dizzy eyes;
②Ultra thin 4K HD display, the image is clearer.
③Column mirror grating technology, can be 0.5-2 meters out screen;
④The size is flexible, ranging from 15.6 to 110 inches.
⑤The products are guaranteed by the national CCC and CE certification standards.

Naked eye 3D technology is the most concerned and the most advanced technology at present. It has the advantages and features of the stereoscopic and vivid image of traditional 3D technology. It also gets rid of the shackles of glasses and improves the sense of experience, and its application prospect is wider.