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What are the functional characteristics of naked-eye 3D LCD display

What are the functional characteristics of naked-eye 3D LCD display

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Jul-06-2019 SML


Advertising is a way of information dissemination. It is an important means for enterprises to do product publicity and marketing. In order to attract consumers’ attention, besides creativity, it also needs strong visual impact. Nowadays, plane advertisement has caused people visual fatigue, while 3D LCD display is in the limelight, 3D film, 3D display and 3D advertising are getting popular.


Naked-eyed 3D LCD display is a new angle. It seems to come out of the frame with stereo 3D images. It has strong visual impact and can quickly attract people’s attention. It can make businesses easily stand out from the fierce competition of ordinary 2D advertisements and improve the advertising effect. Functional features of naked-eye 3D LCD display:

  1. Network Distribution: Support intranet and public network content distribution.
  2. Principle of naked-eye 3D display: It mainly uses cylindrical grating technology, which makes the product with high definition, strong stereo sense, suitable for multi-person naked-eye 3D viewing, compatible with 2D/3D content and so on.
  3. Naked-eye 3D playback and driver board: Android system, high stability, supporting 4K naked-eye 3D content graphics and text playback, supporting 4K naked-eye 3D LCD module driver, supporting 2D/3D content adaptive display, boot screen customization, and driving additional 2D screen at the same time.
  4. Naked-eye 3D content management and distribution platform: remote content upload and management, timer switch, remote monitoring, group download and distribution, content payment management, remote monitoring, emergency information insertion and so on. Mobile chip server scheme can save the cost of high-performance server.