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What is the function of holographic projection technology

What is the function of holographic projection technology

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Sep-06-2019 SML

The application field of holographic projection technology is more and more extensive. Holographic projection technology is a high-end display technology rising in recent years. It is a technology that records and reproduces the real three-dimensional images of objects using interference and diffraction principles. Let’s look at the role of holographic projection technology.

The role of holographic projection technology:

1. Holographic Projection

Holographic projection equipment is not realized by digital technology, but projection equipment projects different angle images onto MP holographic projection film imported from abroad, so that viewers can not see other images which do not belong to their own angle, thus realizing real holographic stereo image. And without the need to wear glasses of 3D technology, the audience can see three-dimensional virtual characters. Generally, it is used more in museums and stages.

2. Holographic display showcase

Holographic display showcase is made of transparent materials. Its shape is exquisite and fashionable. The viewer’s vision can penetrate it from any side. Through the reflection of the surface glass, the viewer can see the product image floating in the conical space. Suitable for the performance of details or rich internal structure of individual items, such as watches, famous cars, jewelry, industrial products, but also for the performance of characters, cartoons, etc., to give the audience a full three-dimensional image.

3. 360 Degree Phantom Imaging System

360-degree phantom imaging is a kind of mid-air imaging that suspends the three-dimensional picture in the real scene, forming an aerial phantom in which the object can be combined to realize the combination of the image and the object. It can create an atmosphere of fantasy and reality, with peculiar effect, strong sense of depth, and hard to tell the truth from the truth. Touch screen can also be added to achieve interaction with the audience. It can also be used as a holographic phantom stage, a 360-degree stereoscopic demonstration of the product, a live and illusory performances on the same stage, and a dream dance in the Science and Technology Museum.