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Which merchant’s naked eye 3D display is good?

Which merchant’s naked eye 3D display is good?

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Sep-19-2018 SML

In recent years, the naked eye 3D technology has been applied and developed in commercial display. It has also been supported and loved by a large number of consumers. The market has a broad prospect, and more and more manufacturers have joined the product R & D team of the naked eye 3D display. So, which is good for naked 3D display? Next, let’s learn about the professional manufacturer of naked 3D commercial display——Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd.。

Shenzhen Shijing Industrial Co., Ltd. (that is, Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer with independent innovation to develop and produce a good series of LED LCD display and terminal display equipment. The company has many patents for technological research and development, as well as advanced “multi view naked eye 3D imaging” technology. At present, the technology belongs to the world leading technology in the naked eye 3D technology industry, and is the industry leader.

Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to 2D and naked eye 3D commercial display product research and development, production, sales, service, with its unique naked eye 3D display technology and terminal display application technology, full use of naked eye 3D LCD technology unique high clarity, seamless viewing, screen effect, no shadow, dizzy, and can be the customer Custom made all kinds of naked eye 3D product solutions, all kinds of naked eye 3D display solutions, and naked eye 3D products photo and video design, appearance design, finished product processing.
①Support 4K HD picture and video display effect, perfect 4K advertisement and naked eye 3D playback function.


②Compatible with 2D, 3D video, no barrier, free to switch, the picture is deeper, the transition is smoother, and the visual effect is more shocking. Removable support, support wall hanging and vertical design, according to different layout of the placement of advertising machine, to the greatest extent to save space.


③Using playlists to control the playback process or directly edit programs stored in the U disk can be played. The advertisement machine’s opening, closing the machine, playing the content, playing time, how the playback sequence, the number of repeated ads, the stop time of the picture on the screen, the function of the file information using circular mode or the whole screen rolling play, all of which can be set freely by the playlist.


④Powerful playlist function.The playlist can be set for 30 days at a time.It can be divided into 128 periods of time for personalized playback settings.Therefore, advertisers can set different charging modes for different periods and frequency rates to meet different advertising needs of customers and meet various profit models of operators.



⑤Free to achieve full screen, split screen playback mode, and can be converted at any time to support a variety of playback modes, through the playlist for full screen, split screen switching.



⑥It can play a combination of 4K video, pictures and subtitles.


⑦A simple playlist editing tool. As long as you install this software on a computer, you can simply and easily edit and automatically generate a playlist that can be played perfectly by the control advertising machine, making you more relaxed about the use of the advertising machine.


⑧The function of the parameter adjustment of the advertisement machine. Support to adjust the volume, screen brightness, contrast, grayscale and other parameters. The parameter memory function has the functions of volume, screen brightness, contrast, grayscale and other parameters.


⑨The terminal automatically generates log files, which can be copied into the computer to see the time information and times of playing the files everyday.


Shikun HAODThe naked eye 3D display can make the advertisement three-dimensional effect more prominent, and the audience has a deeper 3D three-dimensional feeling.3D has a great visual angle, allowing the audience to enjoy the perfect quality of the advertising machine’s display, even if the distance is far away, it can bring an unflawed 3D visual experience to the audience.