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Working Principle of Touch Integrated LCD

Working Principle of Touch Integrated LCD

Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Publication time: Sep-29-2019 SML

Touch-in-one computer is a set of advanced touch screen, motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics card and other electronic components, and its working principle is no different from that of traditional PC. According to the size of touch screen and the software, it can realize such specific needs as public information inquiry, advertisement display, media interaction, conference content display, offline experience store commodity display, etc., such as fingerprint, scanner, card reader, micro printer, etc. Generally different from electronic whiteboard, it can achieve more functions.
Touch-in-one machine is a set of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology in one, can realize public information query, with fingerprint, scanner, card reader, micro-printer and other peripherals, can achieve fingerprint attendance, card swipe, printing and other specific needs.
Touch screen has four or five lines of resistance screen, surface acoustic wave screen, infrared screen, holographic nano touch film and other excellent touch screens at home and abroad, which can meet the application needs of users in different regions and places. Touch-in-one is a touch product that binds the touch screen and related software together and packages them for inquiry purposes. Touch-control integrated machine really achieves the function of integrating touch and control, and greatly improves people’s work efficiency.
As an input device, touch screen has many advantages, such as durability, fast response, space saving and easy communication. Users can quickly get the information they want by touching the screen with their fingers, which makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. As a high-tech machine, touch integrated machine has gradually replaced the position of simple touch screen, so that users can really feel the characteristics of human-computer free interaction.
The working principle of touch-in-one machine:
The infrared touch screen used by the touch-in-one machine detects and locates the user’s touch by using the infrared matrix densely distributed in the X and Y directions. The infrared touch screen is equipped with a circuit board outer frame in front of the display. The circuit board is arranged with infrared emitters and infrared receivers on the four sides of the screen, which correspond to each other in a horizontal and vertical cross infrared matrix. When the user touches the screen, his finger will block two infrared electronic whiteboard lines crossing the position, so he can judge the position of the touch point on the screen. Infrared touch screen is a highly integrated electronic circuit integration product. The infrared touch screen consists of a complete integrated control circuit, a set of high precision, anti-jamming infrared emitters and a set of infrared receivers, which are cross-mounted in two opposite directions on the highly integrated circuit board to form an invisible infrared grating. The intelligent control system embedded in the control circuit continuously emits pulses to the diode to form an infrared polarization beam grid. When touching objects such as fingers enter the grating, the beam is blocked. The intelligent control system detects the change of light loss and transmits signals to the control system to confirm the coordinate values of X and Y axes.